David – Bloor West Street

David, about 40 years old, migrated to Canada from Mali. David has been on the street for years, categorizing as chronic homeless. He lives between the neighborhoods Christie and the Annex. Although his brother lives in the city, they have lost all contact with each other. He is followed by a doctor for a mental disorder.

F: Why people ignore you?

D:“…Because they are ignorant or stupid, maybe is something in consequence. People have to show you confidence, encouragement and understanding, not ignore me, they collect money for nothing. It is meaningless like that, it is nothing! Like today you are here, tomorrow you die. So what is money? They are more focused on money. You have to do something to change it. You have to believe in God that’s all. Nobody changes to nobody, that’s will, interest. You need people with good heart and open minded.

F: If you could communicate with all these people what would you do?

D:“But almost all the society is not living this way (…)They try, most of them they try. But either no… One day? I don’t know. One day maybe (it)will be good. One day there (…)You have to have something to… I mean, if you want to do something you will do it, there is nothing impossible. God gives you help to create or to change. But still I am leaving here. I have a roof over my head, that’s all. In hotel or room…

 F: “David, I think your experience is important”… (how do you become homeless?)

D:“There are two choices, you know: some of them, this is very hard to understand these people, so that’s stay in the street. Because of social and political situation, but some of them like adventure. Some of them are poorer than everybody. ”

F: “What about you?”

D:“I have become homeless because I have not alternatives,  I have tried, I have tried but it never happened. I have tried so many things, for example the same like you or different people.”

“They say they have something to give me? Answer yes or no! if not, how can I know? They say “wait wait wait” but for how long? This is very disgusting ! For how long I have to wait for one job or rental housing. For metro housing you have to wait for 20, 10 years. What is the difference? you pay here you as you pay for metro housing. “

“The government  pays for everybody,  if you don’t have money, they will pay. Whether you are a citizen or not they pay you, because you are not an animal but a human beings.  Here is like everywhere else France, Switzerland is all the same. “

“Now they changed the system, it used to be socialist. Now is more conservative, now is more complex. That’s way the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. That’s why the difference  in the income, is big between the sky and the ground… Because the middle class become more rich, this is part of the problem and the poor people, nobody can see them, because they are poor and they don’t have money to spend.”

“There are many homeless people, not only on Bloor-West street but in general. There are depending on families sometimes, but they said no. The family has no money for food or anything. And you need money for everything: food, rent and everything… how can they give you extra money rather to your son or rather… “

“The main thing is the economy: when the economy is big they expand to the people to the welfare, to the church, but if the economy is zero everybody needs money. Everybody needs money. I don’t have money the problem is “expandation” (sic.).

“Sometimes if you changed the idea sometimes is even worse. When you change system the economy will become something else because you don’t know . This system is good for the people, if it want  good why the people are not accepting.”

“People with money are also not happy, they have to use the money. In different way: like discothèque, if you collect money, nothing. Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today. Maybe we are not here you are somewhere else.”

“Today is your turn to be happy, you have hope to be the same, the same day. There is hope: The same day the same discothèque, the same beer, the same job every day.”

“Today is a lucky day for me, tomorrow is the same lucky day. Why Collect, collect money? Tomorrow is nothing. Maybe you will go to Niagara and lose all your money. It not nice there, it is addiction. You sell your house, it’s crazy, you become kuku! You have to manage, you have to care about your family. If you finish all your money where do you go? Even your family will not help you. You have to find balance, you have to think from now to 5 years, what I am going to do. At least you have to have a house, if you don’t have a place and money, where are you going  to nothing?”

“Money is sometimes power. With money I can buy food, bread. Nothing is free in this society, not like before. Before it was much money. But now time is changed. Canada and everywhere is not the same. People sleep outside, people who came here with a dream. It’s hard, eh?”




Andrew – John Street


Andrew, 20 years old, is a young busker from British Columbia. He plays harmonium or guitar as he panhandles on the street with his dog and benefits from the subsidized housing program of the municipality of Toronto. He thoroughly enjoys his style of life, and  has many friends with a similar life to his own.

“Homelessness is all out there, You see it everywhere, is like paying attention and looking for it. They give money for karmacy, “not to become like that”. Give some money so that they don’t end up in the same spot or they don’t feel guilty. The crazy thing about all this stuff is that even though everyone is walking around with the life they have bought from the store, they still are people. The people are still fucking people, no matter what. Is like when you meet somebody on the street who is a f# bastard…

One person on 30 people, will give me money because I am a buskers, but all the other because they think something else about me. And mostly is: “ I see people begging for money all the time and I don’t care anymore” Maybe they think I am on drugs, maybe they don’t know and they don’t care, or they are afraid just to step out of their shell and to talk to someone. How many times I have seen people give me money and don’t look at me, in my face, because they are afraid to acknowledge who I am but they give me money because they are just so afraid to feel like person with me, to reclaim their humanity. You can usually tell who is taking the money for do drugs, to buy cracks, math,  but most people don’t, they use money to buy food, food for dogs and so on…

Like yesterday: my banjo was stolen and I was asking money to get change… and I asked people, “yo man do you have some change to fix my violin” “people just completely ignore you, blantly” “people just  would look at you and smile or not, just to give you a recognition of your existence.”

The reason because people are doing this all the time is because they don’t have energy, they don’t because this world breaks you down. Breaks you down so much for all this alienation that is going on, people would put somebody under the shoes just to (…) All this fucking rich motherfucker but they are fucking tired.. and is not even the time and the type of the work, is more like lying to yourselves. Is like sitting outside in the cold, it takes yours energy, and is the same thing with all this people walking to some office building – instantly everybody is fake – no one is talking honestly to each other… some they would say: “How is going George?” “Oh don’t bad”. While the things are really fucked up.  They don’t really care, this is a way of pretending to be human that they should, is almost a currency. It is completely meaningless. Is completely weird, nobody really cares but they are have to say that otherwise they are going to think they are assholes.

In the supermarket. Check this out: I had to go to a meeting and the guy asking me: “How are you doing, bro?” “I am fucking bad. things are horrible”. “Holy crap, I hope it gets better!”. This lifestyle is structured in this way, this is how society is structured, I don’t know even know this person and we don’t have communities outside to have a relationship. World is crazy too big.  When you are dealing with milions and milions of people is no more about community… is crowd control.  There is no time for anyone. In supermarket people have just time to say blabla.  In a village that is different… in the supermarket people actually know each other. Here there is just too many people for a community. Why should it be millions of people crowded in such a small area?

I live in Weston.. there are lots of Black there. Everybody don’t really know each other. Is just out of ease, there are always gonna be racial prejudice. People don’t go over with what they feel comfortable with what they found comfortable, they found comfortable what they know. so if somebody is from Haiti, I will want to go there. They are like Subculture. subculture are not communities, they share interest andlook (style ndr) but they still don’t care there is nothing to make them care. They don’t care about each other.

And that’s what’s sad about it,  If you break it down: if you take somebody on the street and you don’t really ask him about anything but you simple start talking like they are really human being  they become human again. So it is about how you look at people. When you treat someone like a human, they are going to respond like a human back. They will still try. Is rare to find people than don’t do that.

Sometimes is hard to find people that can do that. Like cops, they are just so ingrained, like business people. I remember once just asking people about what time is it… nobody answered me for 20 minutes. Everybody is rushing everywhere but they are not going anywhere. People is always in rush but they are tired. People cannot just say, “relax, I don’t want to pretend anymore. I can just be myself” but they don’t know how…  That’s why there is a tv in any single house!”. Everybody plays videogames and go over computer. The only time in which people really want to be with each other. The only time you find people going together is usually a party. Alcohol is an amazing things, brings out your feelings.

I prefer somebody trying to fight (like all the animals do) me than treating me as an idea of something, people thinks to people as a concept, as an idea. Everyone has to buy a life and pretend to be the person in that life. (…)that’s what I talk about people being emasculated. People thinks to other as concept or ideas, if everybody do not have a life, everybody pretends to have a life and that means they have to pretend they are the. Fighting poses a threat to a society. (…)

F: What would you change of the society?

A: “I would change the city. I would just have villages.” (…)“I don’t have a job, I usually don’t even have a house. I have not to do anything. I live on the street, I am sleeping outside and I am happy with it like, like everyone in this country. I don’t care, I got rid of the distress and all this stuff… I do find thought that when I am on the street and I am playing music with my friend, everybody is passing they know, they fell what we are doing and they like it. I think that’s how I make my money: I don’t make money because I am a cool musician, I am funny or I am cleaver… I make money because I make people feel good, and so they feel to join me. I give them back their humanity. You cannot ignore five people playing music loudly and yelling on the street for two feet in front of you. You have to notice that: is going to snap it down from their little robot head. And make the people say: “there are people around doing what they love! Cool!”.

Brandon – Native Canadian Center

BRANDONBrandon, about 25 years old, is an Aboriginal young adult who went to Toronto from Alaska to become a rock star. He has no family in Toronto. He comes daily to the NCCT drop inn (Native Canadian Center of Toronto) in order to write and play music. He invests all his money in music equipment, and is presently sleeping at a shelter.

F: What do you think when you see homeless people on the street?

B: “I am Brandon, I am homeless.  What I think when I see a homeless? I think drugatic, alcoholic, I think a person following hard times. But I also think if somebody is on the street bombing money, Regardless who the fuck they are, I have not spent one dollar in food, clothes or sleep in the last four months. All I have spent my money on is my guitar and music equipment… and I am alive now, and I am happy. I am pretty content. And I don’t see why there should be homeless people on the side of the road, I think is not their problem, is their choice. I think they choose it. I would like to sit down because I would like to be drunk and high because I have not anything better to do so that’s what I am gonna do”. I have been doing this for years and that’s what I am gonna do. I think they could find a job easily. They are how I was, they have just not read the books that I have read, They have not the ideas that I have got, they  were not told that everything is possible. That’s who they are. If there was no choice I would get a job by the end of the day. If there was nothing. The reason I am homeless is because of musics. Music is my addiction. Is Because of the shelter is there that there are heroin addicted people, otherwise they will all stand up and get a job.”

Hossein – University Settlement


Hossein, (50 years old) he arrived in Toronto almost 20 years ago. He is married and he as a carrier. He is staying in a homeless centre for the first. He is here because has been accused of domestic violence.Night time, at University Settlement:

F: “Is this your first night here at University Settlement? How have you heard about the shelter.”

Hossein: “Yes, it’s my first night, after 30 years living. I have heard even if i have seen in the past a lot of people sleeping on the street. I was so surprised… if there was an animal sleeping on the street they would have immediately called the police and they would have taken it immediately to the animal society. But if there are people sleeping in the cold, if you call them, I have a friend, who came late here and there may be place anywhere inside  a little place to sleep there, but because you came here late, he had to stay outside., and he is a citizen of Canada. because homelessness is just pacing there, look the space  upstairs and downstairs…what is full? It’s only they go what their computer say… the humanity of it? This is called a humanitarian countries. humanity is one of the whole building could hold 500 people? I know they have to control, but I am talking about one single person that came here late. My point is that the quality of humanity is low.”

F: “In Italy though we don’t have this organised shelter system as here in Canada”

H: “But you have family, your aunt, your uncle, your family will always be there.  There They accept you by love, but here you have to be on system… You are only a number, you are not human. If are in time they accept you, but otherwise no. They only accept everything by book, not by their heart.

F. “What do you think of this system that is based on shelter and food-bank to help the homeless?”

I think this is not helping the society, is getting worse and worse. The have to execute this people, they have to create job for them. They are putting all this budget towards this which is getting worse and worse. If the same budget would get them to places and to work, I am sure they all would work but they have to create places to provide some work for them so that all the society would be healthy. Also, the money that they give as welfare, this people would earn this money. So they would save so much money, but not paying anymore for all this shelter and food that get through for the most of the year,do you know what I mean? it’s just a way to keep everybody in one corner so that they would not be outside. It seems that is only for certain people, here. They are hiding them. It’s only protecting only your financial here, not the humanity.The police says “protect and serve” but is only protecting and serving the finance,

And they just come to challenge you and “Hey! I did that?”

If you go to jail almost 85% of the cases are domestic, because woman could call. If you call the police and say my wife of girlfriend she hit me, they may laugh at you, but the woman, calls. But if the woman call and is a false statement they come immediately. Isn’t so simply for you to go all this process of court costs all this things and at the end they only says, sorry the your charge is dropped, you are off. The humanity to me is so unfair. As an example: for animals, people spend so much money to keep a cat or dog, if you ask them to spend the same for kids. If you send the same amount of money to Africa or somewhere to support, you can guarantee the future for the rest of his life to those kids. I know animals are good, but isn’t Human heart more expensive? Where all this good quality exists  as higher creation.

F: “So, people should understand that this is a whole city, and the caring one another should be because we live in the same space. ”

H: Unfortunately this is how we kept our system. The system is when everything goes computerized. They all say the machinery life is everything. You are like a number here, not a real person. Everything comes to money”.

F. “So you are saying that here even if they give you food, they don’t treat you like a human?”

H: “There is an old saying that they say for your teachers and friends.  Don’t give them fish, teach them how to catch fish”. That’s what they are doing now, They are keeping giving to this people fishes, that’s why they become lazy and then is only about the system how to catch fish.  So, I think, If they come and create some simple job for them, they would save so much money (…).  I think the system needs to balance this. the government needs money and immediately they pay the landlords and immediately the landlords pay to them so that it goes again to government pockets again. They give from this hand and immediately they take from the other hand. This is the wheel of economy today. So, society is not helping you to grow and become a better person, is giving you to become an alien man, around the wheel of the economy: to have the money, rent a place, pay the landlord, do the shopping, and that money circles in economy and ends up in the  government pockets again.

F: “It’s like a role play.”

H: “yes, If they really wanna help people, then there should be a different way. You should come and educate people from the beginning, as kids. They should know that it takes 10 people to divorce. If you have a girlfriend and are doing fine for 10 years, once you get married and live under the same roof, within one year you get divorced. Why? Same love, same person. But as soon as you go under the same roof, the ownership comes, and they have been taught from the Childhood. It’s me, it’s mine life, all that. That’s me, and I, then they start separating. Now, take Me and if you reverse the M, is We. It’s so simple, you should do that. To be we, is so stronger even in system wise.  Even in media, Everything rules you only in individualism. This is the best benefit to their capitalism. As  I said,  If there is 4 people family, they may live with one car, one rent, one mortgage, one insurance. But when they separate there are more expenses: 4 insurances, 4 expenses and all of that.  So, it takes 10 years to get marriage and it takes one minute to divorce, that’s because the system is so set up that divorce happen so quickly.  You see so many advertisement who says “immediate divorce”, we will (…) and it takes 10 years to get marriage! All this element will lead people. In certain countries you go to the court as a couples, that’s the culture of things, and they call the wise person as a judge, and he looks at then So he looks at the couple and says come back within 6 months  and maybe in this time things will worked out. They try to give them more time to work it out better. But here is immediate.

When this happened with my wife, somebody called the police saying that I beat my wife. This happen 5 years ago. And they said: come there,  That’s was in my own properties…I went with my wife there to sign. Empty your pocket, you are under arrest to have assaulted your wife…She said, for 7 years I have been living with this name. Tell us where did he punch you he never did that to me. Because somebody called me… they don’t tell you who has called. This is private for safety, this is what they say…Your husband has to go to the court and to the jail after… No complaints nothing … It took 4 months… Every week we went  to the court… It end up that the Crown said, no evidence the charge is off. … Next day after that, they left a message from human victim society. See how immediately they leave you to that words, so this happens to family wife.

Another evidence  shows that  1001.. Police charge the parents to be unqualified to be parents for their kids. They have to go to courts back and forth. The children would take the kids away because parents cannot control the kids. You cannot own your own kids. In a way they learn by your wisdom and your love. If somebody see you spanking your kids, police would come immediately to arrest you.

F: “So you are here tonight for that reason?”

H: ”Yes, I am here after 30 years, only in the house in Toronto because my wife made a false statement again. Because woman find this tools. It was my property, we own the house. I have come here from Iran with her. She calls because she gets upset and they use this as a defender, as a tool, as a power.”

F: “So, what do you thing to do in? are you going to stay here or prepare some action?”

H: ”Yes I have to go through the legal process again, to the court, pay the lawyers, and at the end they are going to investigate, and most likely is gonna be “no fault” and the charge is gonna drop and I cannot do anything… I just become the victim of the system. Because this is the law! when the police tells me that the laws of Ontario ties our hands and we cannot even investigate your right. Just imagine what is next: next is jail, court, lawyers, back and forth. Being separate from your wife, being in the shelters or outside and after all this thing, what they say is that this is the law in Ontario.”

F:”Untill they find out all this process, what can you do?”

H: “I cannot go to my wife, to my house I have to rent another place. Last night I stayed with a friend, but tonight I didn’t want to disturb him so I came to the shelter. Also, I have no access to the shared account, and tomorrow, I am going to find money, find a place. And I have no conviction and no criminal record, for 29 years, I have been living in Toronto. I have always had good jobs, for number of years I have owned my business. I did so much work for movies, shows, theatres, and I have worked as marketing director and public relation and event planner. There are over few hundred thousand Iranian Persian community in Toronto, with their media, their tv, festivals and so on (…).

F: “Does this have an impact on your career? ”

H: “Of course it does, if this happened 5 years ago  and it was a false and now that is happened now, you cannot explain at people and they have no knowledge of domestic laws. Especially the new immigrants community. They would say: how come have they arrested you if you don’t have even beat your wife? By the time they experience it they will find out that they took years to experience. What happened to me, I have told to people and some of them they believe some others not. Life is so taught here, you have to show people “Hey, I am not guilty now!” But suffering, going through all of that but people… Now I am sitting with you in the cold and people is not there and I am so embarrassed and have this kind of reputation in the community.”

F: “How do you feel about the fact you have a work and you are now in a shelter for homeless people? ”

H: “Of course is not comfortable. But still as humanity I come from a culture of understanding and caring; we may live on different level of society but we have the same colour of blood, we have the same destination according to my spiritual belief. If you believe in a Lord of the Universe, there is no lord for Christian, Buddhist, Muslims. Lord is the quality of your true being. There is no god, if you believe in the lord of the universe. The quality of your true being is part of the energy we called God. That energy is source within you. As good see all the creation the same, you want to see the same way that God sees, because god has been giving you all that quality to learn and to practice. So this may be a good opportunity for me… From being with a politician, like premiers, police, Richmond hill elite, and all this politicians and  media, and now I am here with all this homeless people!”

F: “From rags to riches”

H: “Ahahaha, yeah. It’s a path of life, from two perspective, you know? one is from a citizen. I have  built (when some responsible citizen is invited to the jail.) in the past people seven times, people who had problems with the law. I went there and I have built them for one year.  and they all made it too without no problem. I had to monitor them for an year, they had to live with me and I have that kind of background. And I have been so helpful to people. It’s like having a cow, it’s all white but has a dot of black on it… they say this cow is not black anymore! So, all this good things you have, is one side of the skin, but they see it. even though you are not convicted yet, first you have to get through as convicted person to find out if you are guilty or not guilty.”

H: “Before 60’s the system was the relations, like you go, you talk to a judge of peace, they listen to you. They used to know from a different perspective but right now is only what the rules and regulations says, they follow it but if you have a good lawyer and you pay it you can win but if you don’t have a good lawyer, then you can lose the case.  But, my point is that, for a judge, if he knows that there is a chance that I cannot get guilty, he should defend me. But the system it says that you go to find a good lawyer and  you pay it, if you can  pay with your money a good lawyer for your defense good, otherwise you are convicted. So the just is not there anymore. If there is a law and If the legal lawyer cannot defend you, what’s the meaning of the judge, he is sitting there to judge between this and that. Instead the judge has to listen what the cons says and have lawyer protecting you. So where the justice is then? this is where I am coming from. Unfortunately humanity become classified, there is a line in there, there is no heart, no feelings, there may be there but till a certain extent. It is a great country, but you know? They keep giving you a fish, they never teach you to take a fish (…) In Toronto, 25- 30 years ago, if there was one crime, people would talk about it for a month… Now everyday it happens, new generations. The reason is because right from the beginning the path are so separated, because there is no love, no wisdom for kids, and they grows with so much problem and they go in the society and this is what happen. I think they should from the beginning, they support family life and if that is not there, the kids would go to school. And because the kids grows, and he is 20 years old, is much more difficult, that’s why they don’t face it, because their problem is so difficult.”

F: “Why do you think here in Canada the system is so structured?”

H: “This is how capitalism is. In your system the country has been developed in 400 years and has developed different laws for the system. In Europe there have been civilization for 3000 – 2000 years there are so many things have been of and for the reason there have been many different systems, it may even has experienced capitalism very long ago. Life quality is not all about money! But here on capitalist system, it may give you some feeding but  but the quality of life is not there anymore because is based on individuals and everybody learnt it immediately from the media. I, me. Ego is evil, it comes from your anger and arrogance. And this grows with you, and then you are not going to care as much about woman and friends and you become more and more alone. Media is creating that so strongly. The kids learn it right from the beginning. All this movies and cartoons are all about crimes and killing. Everybody is learning how to make crimes, so is very open. Even between 15-20 years all youth, so many crimes happening. Now, love is happening in the younger ages and the drugs and substances that they use it. They wanna hate everybody, they have never learnt how to practice love and caring. Because when they need it nobody was there. They never learnt who to love and how to care. So is getting very crucial, very difficult. Still the route is there but the new generation is always changing and changing and more… that’s why everybody feels lonely, even the wife and the husband feels lonely so that even in the marriage she has to find an affair with someone else. It would be so hard.”

“If you cannot do it with the guy and the girl that you love, how can you do it with somebody else. Do you know what I mean?”

“Sorry I kept you in the cold, thank you so much! Your patience and your compassion allowed me to talk, I am not a speech man, your company allowed my voice to come out.”

KAREN – University Settlement


Karen, in her 30s,  is a young black woman, who used to work in a toy store and as a bartender before losing her job. According to her, she enjoys this style of life, and she moves from one shelter to another within the Out of the Cold program. Her favourite place in the city is Kensington market, especially one store where is possible to smoke Marijuana for free.

[Karen is giving me a explanation of Toronto Downtown, based on her experience of the city, she is pointing on a map]

“You can take a picture of this picture. Kensigton market is all family, is where you are right now basically.  Downtown Toronto Bay street, in Toronto is like Wall Street in New York, it’s a lot of shops and business, business, business. Young and Dundas square, it’s like entertainment, there is a jumbo on every wall, just like tv up on building. Amc theatre inside to watch a movie, a LCBO in the Theatre. Eaton centre is just next there. Hundreds of floor, there are bars, you can do whatever you want. But You cannot sleep there, you can walk around, do whatever, but you cannot sit and close your eyes. They will not let you.”

F: “Police would come?”

“No! Not them, just Bar people, whoever owns that property! Wherever you sit is gonna be belonging to somebody. It’s all like business… The Dundas square I have find out they close it at 3 or 4 am.

F: Do they close a square?

Yeah, how do you close the square. It’s outdoor! It’s public! But I was the only one there so I said whatever and I left. That’s a thing I cannot understand.

You can walk back and forth but you cannot sit down and nap in Younge and Dundas square which is weird because is outside. And that’s what I cannot understand, I guess if somebody starts to sleep there they are afraid more people will do it and they don’t like that place.

Next place I went it was Jarvis Church, Jervis-Carleton is the homosexual and  gay lesbian community. It’s not so friendly there. They are rude there. I have got kicked out. I wanted to use the bathroom and they locked it. It’s so stupid. They  said there is just one key and the master has it and bla bla bla. I said, you know what? Forget about you and I went next door and I pissed in the bush. That’s gay and lesbian community at Jarvis- Carleton. They are rude. Don’t go there.

F: “So people on the street are the same kind of people of the shop?”

Oh yeah, whoever walks around the street is the same people who is running businesses around that area.  That’s how it works. They are friendly till a certain moment … Can I ask for a cigarette? Or thanks for showing me that thing. But Do not ask them to use certain things.

(…) Karen is talking about her ideas about MARIJUANA.

K: “I have been smoking since I am 19 and I fell healthier now than the period in which I used not to smoke.  Much healthier now. Just nap 3-4 hours and I am good I get all the energy of the world. What this does, it links your body chemistry  back together. The toxic things we assume with the food all that toxic things change our mental energy. With this it reconnects the synapse with the your nerves. You literally feel connect back. Then you can focus and think straight. Everything comes in pairs, and if you do thinks in pairs your world will balance itself out.

K: “I am more 100% myself now that I was before, When it was going to work, go to find job, I was literally dead then. That’s death right there. You go to work 8 hours a day and then you come back home, you go to bed without seeing nobody, and you go back to work. That’s death right there. “

F: “So you have lived that life?”

K: “I have lived that life before I have started smoking pot. With herbs is like go for a walk, brush your teeth, return this dvd.  you have to do this and to that. All these thoughts to make sense.These thoughts made more sense than “Put this here, pick this up, sweep the floor” and so one.

“This is like get your shit together  “Piss off””

“This is explain the real world of how it is. When you smoke weed you want to be with friends, you want to have fun, that’s what it is. that’s all.”

K: “Ok this is what happened. I have been working, I have my resume. I am a bartender, you know?  My first job in Canada it was at TOYS’R’US, the global toystore, they only say toys with themes. That was my first job, as employer I have been working there for 10 years, minimum pay. After all this period they gave me 10c more every hour. It’s a dime. The price of a bubblegum. And that’s a billion dollar company is doing. If you are lucky you get 50 cent. I did the whole store, every department. I have the whole store figure out. After a while this boss told me to do something  wrong that pissed me off. And it was when I have started smoking pot. I had my own apartment…”

[the interview stops when Karen’s boyfriend is calling her to go in the basement for dinner]