Voices from Downtown Toronto

share the privilege

Click on the following link: Faces Toronto to explore the map of Downtown Toronto seen from the Other Side of the Street.

If you can click on the faces displayed on the map, you will access directly to the narrative or photo of one homeless person. The appearance is liberally inspired to the persons I have encountered but their name have in most cases been changed. Additionally, the narratives are fragments to a longer conversation that has been recorded and transcribed. 

“Mapping the process of  ethnography, as a journey to explore unexplored issues, we try to let emerge an aesthetical dimension implied in the practice of anthropology, from the fieldwork to the representation, although often hidden in the public results. The map makes visible the fenomelogy of the ethnographic process, allowing the reader to grasp the  “with a gaze” the complexity, and the iterative process of the fieldwork.  Serendipity, “the art of making an unsought finding”,  takes part in shaping the ethnographic process of discovery. The discoverer needs to be knowledgeable  enough to link together apparently innocuous elements in order to come to a valuable conclusion or understanding. In fact, in my case, it is a web of encounters and a cluster of thought provoking conversations with homeless person sharing with me the same spaces of the city that motiveted me to gain a better understanding of the issue of homelessness.” (Tassi 2013: 4)

Extract from “The Other Side of the Street: stigmatization, displacement, counter-narratives of Downtown Toronto’s  homeless persons“. Thesis of Francesco Tassi for MA in Anthropology and Visual Languages, at Università degli Studi di Siena (a.a. 2012/2013)


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