Brandon – Native Canadian Center

BRANDONBrandon, about 25 years old, is an Aboriginal young adult who went to Toronto from Alaska to become a rock star. He has no family in Toronto. He comes daily to the NCCT drop inn (Native Canadian Center of Toronto) in order to write and play music. He invests all his money in music equipment, and is presently sleeping at a shelter.

F: What do you think when you see homeless people on the street?

B: “I am Brandon, I am homeless.  What I think when I see a homeless? I think drugatic, alcoholic, I think a person following hard times. But I also think if somebody is on the street bombing money, Regardless who the fuck they are, I have not spent one dollar in food, clothes or sleep in the last four months. All I have spent my money on is my guitar and music equipment… and I am alive now, and I am happy. I am pretty content. And I don’t see why there should be homeless people on the side of the road, I think is not their problem, is their choice. I think they choose it. I would like to sit down because I would like to be drunk and high because I have not anything better to do so that’s what I am gonna do”. I have been doing this for years and that’s what I am gonna do. I think they could find a job easily. They are how I was, they have just not read the books that I have read, They have not the ideas that I have got, they  were not told that everything is possible. That’s who they are. If there was no choice I would get a job by the end of the day. If there was nothing. The reason I am homeless is because of musics. Music is my addiction. Is Because of the shelter is there that there are heroin addicted people, otherwise they will all stand up and get a job.”


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